Cardsharing Server

Full price list for cardsharing you can find here. You may connect to our server using both Cccam or Newcamd protocol. You will be charged for CS by our server on a daily basis, therefore, rates specified in the price-list for each package are given per day. Please also pay attention to bonuses when refilling your balance – the more is the amount refilled, the higher is your bonus. For instance, when refilling your balance with 50.0€, you will get 100.0€ on your balance! Full listing of unique features of our server can be found here.

Cardsharing packages available on server

Sky Deutschland
Cyfrowy Polsat
DigiTV (HU+RO)
UPC Direct CZ
Adult channels
Canal Digital
Kabel Deutschland
SRG Swiss
Antik Sat SK
Orange SK
Focus Sat
Canal Digitaal
TV Vlaanderen
Kontinent TV HD
NTV+ East
NTV Plus Ekonomny


19 August 2021

SkyDE was launched in test mode on new CAID 098D (V15 cards)! Package in test mode ! Not all channels work ! No freeze free ! No any guarantee. At any time package can stop work again, if provider apply new protection or update exist protection.

23 July 2021

SkyDE provider added new protection on 09C4 (V13) cards. DW from card should be additionally decoded by unknown AES key, which is generated after startup at original Sky receivers. You can see black screen or freezes on some Sky Cinema channels. More channels will follow soon... We looking for solution, but at this moment is not exist.

04 May 2021

SkyDE provider has initiated cards replacement V13 to V15 which is not possible to share. All SkyDe and VIP all subscribers (who by VIP package for watching mainly SkyDE provider) are requested not to buy and not to extend subscription to that package, and do not charge your account, as it will stop working in the nearest future (Summer 2021).
According to the RULES of our server (item 14-16) https://cardsharing.co/cardsharing-server-rules/
No refunds. Users can use balance only for buying subscriptions. This is not administration liability, if a problem with provision of services arises not due to a fault of the server (applying new methods of protection by provider). Administration reserves the right to change content of the packages, delete or add channels (packages) without preliminary notification and any compensation.
Thank you for understanding.

26 February 2021

We have added patched CCcam 2.3.9 emulator for MIPS and ARM receivers with new NC+ caid 1813.

22 February 2021

Provider Platforma Canal+ (NC+) was switched from the CAID 0100 - Mediaguard to the CAID 1813 - Nagravision.
New NC+ channels which was not work before, will start work. Most customers don't need to change anything in his boxes, the package should work automatically.
If package do stop work on your box, please read carefully info bellow :
- Users who use emulator OSCAM, need to update confings from the billing. You need delete all lines from the oscam.server, copy to this file actual settings from the billing, save it and reboot receiver. Or change filter for NC+ reader in oscam.server file and replace line ident = 0100:000068 to the ident = 1813:000000,000068. Also check all oscam files, and delete all filters where you find 1813. We recommend to delete oscam.dvbapi file.
- Users who use emulator MGCAMD version 1.38 or lower, need update Mgcamd to the version 1.46, or use another emulator (you can dowload it on our site). Older versions do not support CAID 1813.
- Emulator Cccam (all versions) do not support CAID 1813 and can not send ECM requests to the server , except new patched version CCcam 2.3.9 , which you can download here https://cardsharing.co/emulators-for-cardsharing/
- Other emulators: 1) check ignore list and delete CAID 1813 if present. 2) Some non linux receivers need delete a reader (server), and setup it again. 3) some boxes with xcam emulator need to delete all servers and file /var/etc/protect/xcam in the box via ftp, and after setup new connection. Or install and use another emulator.

15 January 2021

15.01.2021 Skylink cards with CAID 0D96 (Cryptoworks) are completely switched off. From January 15, 2021, SkyLink package will work with CAID 0624 (Irdeto) only.
More info can be found here: https://www.parabola.cz/clanky/6975/skylink-zacatkem-roku-2021-vypneme-caid-0d96/
Channels with 2B protection layer (HBO2 HD, Cinemax 2, Canal + Domo, CBS Reality, Lala TV, Extreme Sports, Slagr Premium, etc) are working from our server without any problem. 100% CZ and SK channels are working.

If some channels are not working for you, the following will be needed :
1) Delete all channels and rescan them manually. A table with actual frequencies is provided here: https://www.skylink.cz/web/export/programy-ladeni
2) Please check all filters added to your emulator and delete 0624 CAID from all filters, if any. In EMU log, you will have to see, if your box is sending ECM requests to the server.
3) On some non-linux boxes where emulator is set up using remote control, you will need to delete all servers and add them again. Note!!! You can use only 1 protocol: Cccam or Newcamd! It is prohibited to connect the server using both protocols at the same time!
4) If you are using Oscam emulator please delete files oscam.dvbapi and oscam.whitelist if exist

10 December 2020

In ORF package was changed CAID from 0D95 to the new 0D98. Oscam users should update emu settings, and replace 0D95 to the 0D98 in filters, or just copy and paste actual settings from the billing to the oscam.server file.

09 July 2020

Dear subscribers, provider of XXX channels SCT has stopped transmitting the following channels: SCT, Passion, Pinko TV, Just89 TV, Prive, Sexto Senso, Diabloxtv and Platinum TV without any reason. You may find an actual list of XXX channels here.

09 March 2020

We just added Kabel deutschland and Unitymedia cable packages for German customers in beta-mode. The package can be accessed by VIP ALL subscribers.

21 January 2020

Note for SkyDe clients: Right now Sky channels are working only in CCCcam 2.3.2-de (and above), MgCamd 1.45c or last version if OSCAM emulator. All emulators for SKyDE you can download here.

16 December 2019

We have added Orange 16E package in test mode. The package can be accessed by VIP ALL subscribers.

23 October 2019

Dear subscribers,
Please be informed that from October 21, 2019 SkyDe provider has started launching new encryption of the channels (OVERCRYPT). At the moment all channels are working fine, but we recommend NOT TO BUY SkyDe subscription for a long period.

28 August 2019

We have added Viasat Ukraina 5E package in test mode. The package can be accessed by VIP ALL subscribers

30 May 2019

We have added 4k channels to NC+ package in test mode. Newcamd users should add new n-line to receivers.

06 May 2019

We have added new version of emulator CCcam 2.3.2-de (MIPS and ARM) with SkyDe support. Manual installation - MIPS version, ARM version. Plugins for all images - IPK-archive, DEB-archive. All other emulators you can find here

29 April 2019

We have added new version of emulator CCcam 2.3.8 (Mips) with SkyDe support. You can download it here

19 April 2019

We have added new version of emulator MgCamd 1.45c (Mips) with SkyDe support. You can download it here. We recommend to use newcamd protocol (CWS lines in the file newcamd.list). Mgcamd do not support autoreconnect to the server by cccam protocol.

13 December 2018

Dear clients, as was already mentioned in the news dated September 18, 2018, Viasat provider has launched protection of almost all channels available in the package. Currently, roughly 20 channels such as TV1000 Action East FSS, Viasat Nature East FSS, Viasat History FSS, Explorer/Spice FSS and some others are working. The package price in the billing was reduced to 1 cent per day. As soon as protection hack solution appears, it will be added to the server.

18 September 2018

Viasat provider has changed his encryption to Videoguard Caid 0940 and the Viasat channels were partially transferred to MPEG-4 format applying additional encryption (protection). These channels cannot be currently shared. Now, we are working at the issue for the purpose of running the maximum possible number of channels in new encryption, where additional protection is not applied yet. If none of the Viasat channels are working for you, please compare your receiver settings with those provided in the billing!
In case the new protection is applied to all Viasat channels, the package will be removed from the billing and will not be sold any more. Please avoid purchasing Viasat subscription for long-time period! We cannot guarantee its sharing ability in the future.

14 September 2018

Antik Sat SK 16E package was added in TEST mode. The package can be accessed by VIP ALL subscribers

15 August 2018

DAZN 1 and DAZN 2 channels were added to SkyDe and VIP ALL packages in TEST mode

31 July 2018

Meo Portugal 30W package added. The package can be accessed by VIP ALL subscribers

05 January 2018

Irdeto cards with CAID 0624 added to SkyLink HD package.

17 April 2017

Max TV 16E package added. The package can be accessed by VIP ALL subscribers.

31 March 2017

New packages were added - NOS 30W, DiGi TV (HU+RO) 1W, Focus Sat 1W, Bulsatcom 39E

30 August 2016

A possibility to check if your IP is blocked by the server has been introduced in the billing. From now on, you will be able to unblock your IP by yourself. If you have any problem with connection and you cannot ping the server, most probably that your IP was blacklisted due to the server rule violation.

12 May 2016

Package DigiTV 1W is not more available. Old smartcards was replaced by provider. New cards is not possible to share at this moment. Thank you for understanding !

07 March 2016

Maintenance on server from 1:30 to 4:40 AM (CEST) 7.3.2016
Most package will not available at this time. Thank you for understanding.

16 February 2016

Promo from SkyDE on HD+ channels was finished. From 16.2.2016 HD+ extra pack is not working in SkyDE. HD+ available as separate subscription in the billing , also included in the VIP subscription.

26 December 2015

SkyIT package is no longer available!

18 November 2015

Sky Deutschland has switched all the transponders to DVB-S2. All customers need to reconfigure their receivers. Here are new settings:

11171H, 22000, 3/4, DVB-S2/8PSK
11332H, 22000, 3/4, DVB-S2/8PSK
11720H, 27500, 9/10, DVB-S2/QPSK
11759H, 27500, 9/10, DVB-S2/QPSK
11797H, 27500, 3/4 DVB-S2/8PSK
11875H, 27500, 3/4, DVB-S2/8PSK
11914H, 27500, 9/10, DVB-S2/QPSK
11992H, 27500, 9/10, DVB-S2/QPSK
12032H, 27500, 9/10, DVB-S2/QPSK
12071H, 27500, 9/10, DVB-S2/QPSK
12304H, 27500, 9/10, DVB-S2/QPSK
12382H, 27500, 9/10, DVB-S2/QPSK

21 March 2015

Cccam protocol launched!